Candidate screening

The screening of applications is a vital step in the recruitment process.

If 30 to 40% of the answers given are not in line with the profile under consideration, this first screening operation ensures that only genuinely interesting and interested candidates pass to the second recruitment phase.

Review of applications is based on simple, but nevertheless essential, criteria and objectives:

– Availability
– Geographical proximity
– Professional and educational experience
– Written and spoken languages
– Desired remuneration

Any letter of presentation and/or resume provided are also taken into consideration.


Telephone interview

The phone interview is a first-approach technique to verify the value of a potential appointment for interview. It is a convenient way to attest to the veracity of certain facts deemed critical:

Professional and educational competence
Other points

Face-to-face interview

In addition to ensuring that the resume received corresponds to the person interviewed, the face to face interview can highlight the qualities of the applicant – their listening ability, analytical skills, self-control, elocution and interpersonal skills.

360° evaluation tests

Steadfast uses an extensive range of evaluation tools which permit behaviors, abilities and the potential of candidates to be rapidly highlighted.

Cognitive skills tests*

Objectively evaluate problem solving and reasoning skills:

Deductive and inductive reasoning
Mechanical reasoning
Language comprehension (text)

Knowledge and skills tests*

Evaluate, with precision, the level attained by a candidate in a particular sphere of ability.

Personality and behavior tests*

Analysis of character traits, professional motivation and behavior which have a direct bearing on work performance:

Consistency with the dynamics of the group of workers already in place
Consistency with the client’s company culture and policy.

Reliability and security tests*

Evaluate character traits directly concerned with:

Propensity to respect rules and authority

*The tests vary with job level and according to business sector

Verification of employment history and references

In order to create a safe and productive work environment for its business clients, Steadfast has set up a process of background and reference checking. Depending on the client company’s policy and the type of post applied for, the audit process will include one or more of the following:

Criminal record verification
Professional reference verification
Educational background verification
Verification of professional accreditations
Other checks
Hiring and integration

Too often underestimated, the integration of new employees into a working group is an important, often vital process. Steadfast implements a strategy for induction and integration that has a significant impact on staff retention and commitment of new employees to their mission within the client company.


– Social and professional integration of the employee in the new workplace
– Presentation of the roles, responsibilities and tasks related to the position
– Develop autonomy by accelerating decision-making responsibilities
– Ensuring the employee knows and understands the standards and policies of the company

The local coordinator accompanies the employee throughout this stage

– A word of welcome and a presentation of the values and expectations of the client company
– Submission and signing of all necessary documentation, including employee file, time sheets etc.
– Designation of workspace and tools available: clock, dressing room, rest area, etc.
– Presentation of staff and work team
– Introduction to the characteristics of the post – tools, equipment, software, etc.
– Monitoring and evaluation of the employee
– Other integration tasks