“Same-Day” Staffing

Steadfast needs to be flexible and reactive in order to confront the variations in your business sector’s economic conditions.

The company knows that it often receives requests when urgent events occur, so it reduces its processing and staffing turnaround time to the minimum:

– Sudden and unexpected increase/decrease in activity
– Tight schedule
– Replacement for shifts on a daily basis
– Replacement for holidays
– Replacement for vacation periods
– Special assignments and requests
– Other

And so, Steadfast’s innovative communication system provides the company with an indispensable technical tool for rapidly handling its customers’ urgent needs:

– Quick view of the candidates most likely to fill a shift
– Simultaneous processing of several phone calls to successful candidates
– Simultaneous management of responses and callbacks from contacted candidates
– Rapid assignment of workforces to the places of employment
Temporary Placement

Now you can dedicate yourself fully to your core business. Steadfast takes care of all your HR functions: We support your labor force, fill your seasonal requirements, relieve you of the most urgent recruitment or a deployment that is significant in terms of time and resources.

These tailored solutions give you better control of your labor costs and they result in maximum flexibility so you can react to economic fluctuations in your industry.

Steadfast provides you with high-level service that comes from the best practices and that creates value.

The Most Competent Labor Force

– A Selection Process that is rigorous, selective and customized
– 360-degree evaluation tests
– Employment history and reference checks

Guarantees regarding Performance Levels and Meeting Deadlines

– Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)
– Performance indicators and dashboards
– Compensation penalties

Dedicated account manager and comprehensive contact points

– Exclusively dedicated account manager
– Local coordinator within your company
– Client Area


– Identification of hiring needs
– Job descriptions and specifications
– Sourcing of candidates
– Management of interviews and résumés
– Selection process
– Hiring and orientation
– Follow-up

Payroll Management

– Analysis and management of time data
– Creation of earnings and deductions statements and reports
– Announcement and disbursement of mandatory remittances
– Payment authorization (check or bank transfer)
– Annual pay recap slips
– Application of regulations

Personnel Administration

– Planning management
– Communication and information
– Health, safety and well-being
– Disciplinary measures
– Social benefits management

Employee Retention and Performance

– Loyalty and motivation
– Performance management and evaluation
– Satisfaction survey

Training and Development

– Identification of needs
– Management of competencies
– Training administration
– Career management
– Management of internships
Temporary to Permanent Placement

So that you can reduce to the absolute minimum the risks associated with hiring, Steadfast’s temporary staffing option with the possibility of permanence allows you to gain a greater benefit from the candidate’s competencies, aptitudes, performance, interaction with your other employees, and impact on your organization.

Indeed, exposing the candidate to real-world working conditions within your organization is the best way to predict the candidate’s success.

After the end of the probation period, or as soon as a definite hiring decision is made, the employee may be transferred to your payroll on a permanent basis or, if not, the worker will return to Steadfast as a temporary-assignment employee.

For organizations seeking the optimum in control of hiring strategies, Steadfast’s temporary staffing option with the possibility of permanence constitutes a sensible choice for meeting your permanent personnel needs.

Principle Benefits

– Day-to-day evaluation of competencies, aptitudes and performance
– Evaluation in real-world working conditions
– Improvement in the quality of candidates
– Avoids costly employee separations and potential lawsuits
– Reduction in the time it takes to hire someone
– Reduction in recruitment costs


Permanent Placement

For Steadfast, accommodating customers as much as possible is a fundamental value.

Even though Steadfast specializes primarily in the recruitment of temporary personnel, the company nevertheless wants to fulfill, in the broadest and fullest way, all the needs of the human resources industry.

Therefore, it pleases Steadfast to avoid mandates that depart from its primary vocation – while never compromising its lofty criteria for excellence – or to entrust such mandates to complementary partners, in the best interest of its customers.

Mass Recruitment

Recruitment is an ongoing process at Steadfast.

The company’s policy of systematic presence enables it to maximize the expansion of its pool of candidates. In fact, by utilizing the different accesses to the labor market, Steadfast enjoys greater visibility among potential candidates:

– Online recruitment (www.steadfastcanada.com)
– Spontaneous candidacies
– Specialized Internet sites (Job Boards)
– Advertising-Media Relations
– Social recruitment
– Others

Planning a reserve of candidates allows Steadfast to do the following:

– Find and improve potential employees.
– Always anticipate its customers’ future needs.
– Respond quickly to unforeseen requests.