Client Area

Steadfast makes available to its customers an Internet platform that is designed to simplify transactions and facilitate daily communications by making them more interactive, faster and more efficient.

Whether it’s for submitting an order, tracking the order’s status in real time, monitoring the arrival and departure of workers, checking schedules, determining availability, observing a particular employee’s performance, or even viewing the history of invoices and payments, this evolving and adaptable platform allows the management, follow-up and analysis of all floor operations in real time.

Moreover, the Internet platform’s indicators and dashboards, which are automatically updated, display a clear and accurate view of all services provided by Steadfast, thus enabling managers to evaluate, in an objective way, the quality of Steadfast’s offerings based on the pre-established arrangements stipulated in the Service Level Agreement.

The Client Area can be enjoyed free of charge by all Steadfast customers via secure and private access that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




– Instant response and processing of orders
– Ongoing communication and collaboration
– Improved customer service
– Real-time monitoring, follow-up and diagnosis
– Platform accessible anytime, from anywhere
– Greater effectiveness and performance of managers, persons in charge, employees, etc.
– Lower chance of errors
– Full traceability
– Better document management
– Reduced printed paper



Management of Orders

– Online origination or cancellation of orders
– Order tracking in real time
– Order history

Employee-Candidate Files

– Personal data and qualifications
– Schedules and availability
– Performance and evaluations
– Job position history

Invoicing and Payment

– Invoicing
– Optional online payment
– Change of address, phone, etc.
– Invoice and payment history

Time and Activities

– Monitoring and reports of arrivals and departures
– Monitoring and reports of late arrivals, absences, time off
– Planning and tracking of schedules
– Online timesheets

Communication Module

– Mailbox
– Chat
– Service notes and practical info
– Directory and organizational chart

Indicators and Reports

– Analysis of labor
– Analysis of services
– Indicators and dashboards
– Statements and reports