Values Charter

The Values Charter reflects Steadfast’s corporate culture. It establishes the fundamental principles that underlie the company’s governance.

The Charter demonstrates the responsibility that Steadfast assumes toward all of its stakeholders and its commitment to nurturing and promoting the values inscribed in the Charter.


Best of Breed

Steadfast’s services are designed, developed and marketed according to the latest trends in recruitment and human resource management.

The fluidity of the company’s processes and value chain enables it to reach a still-unchallenged level in terms of speed, efficiency and quality of service.

This fluidity also permits the company to guarantee to its customers that Steadfast’s services meet the highest standards for corporate governance: Performance management, customer relations management, personnel management, competencies management, technology management, and risk management.


Service, Above All

The customers of Steadfast are the very reason for the company’s existence, and their loyalty is the key to Steadfast’s future. This loyalty can only be earned and maintained by satisfying the customer’s current and long-term needs.

Steadfast thus prioritizes close relationships, mutual respect and shared trust to establish a quality connection with the customer. This allows the company and its customers to succeed and reach their respective goals.

For Steadfast to develop a win-win relationship, it is essential for it to be attentive to the customer’s interests, both during and between assignments, so it can achieve and maintain an effective, solid and sustainable relationship.


Continuous improvement 

Continuous improvement is a state of mind that requires the involvement of everyone. In other words, Steadfast encourages each of its stakeholders to think about and to propose improvements. It’s more than a management technique; rather, it’s a mentality that permeates all levels at Steadfast: to think and to implement.

Beyond conducting regular reviews of its business models, processes and tools, the company unceasingly monitors the changing needs of the individuals and organizations with which it interacts.

Steadfast optimizes its customers’ satisfaction by anticipating their needs and suggesting that they be served differently according to their particular situations.


Transparency, Integrity, Accountability

Large corporations are built upon trust. Trust is earned – among other things – by adopting honest, loyal and transparent business practices.

So Steadfast takes on the responsibility of maintaining its transparency and integrity at the highest possible level when conducting its business. This policy also enables the company to offer and foment a business climate that is healthy, stable and favorable for sustained growth.



For Steadfast, moving forward is a constant priority. By sharing and developing a culture and organization dedicated to innovation, Steadfast helps bring forth real and effective solutions so it can anticipate changes in markets and respond to the needs that arise from these changes.

Innovation also empowers the entire company to benefit from the impact that its knowledge can have on the quality of life of its stakeholders.

Therefore, Steadfast works hard to mobilize the socioeconomic participants associated with this dynamic, around common projects involving a high degree of innovation, in order to collaborate in finding solutions that are concrete, constructive and long-term.


Social Responsibility

Steadfast’s policy of social responsibility comprises a source of benchmarks and thinking elements that enable it to expand its services, become more effective and consolidate its relationships with all stakeholders.

This course of action also reflects the sense of obligation that the company feels toward its customers, employees, partners, public authorities and all the communities where it has gained a foothold.

However, there remain numerous social problems standing in the way of sustainable development, for example: unemployment, social exclusion, poverty and so many others.

In its desire to combat these inequalities, Steadfast constantly seeks help from the organizations with which it does business to collaborate in finding real and sustainable solutions that ensure a healthy and rewarding quality of life for everyone.



Having faith in the concept of strength in numbers, Steadfast is always ready to work with partners who are able to improve and expand its service offerings.

For Steadfast, therefore, it is an issue of mobilizing the socioeconomic participants that are associated with this dynamic around common projects involving a high degree of innovation.

Indeed, innovation enables Steadfast’s entire company to benefit from the influence that its knowledge can have on the productivity of its customers, as well as on the stakeholders’ quality of life.



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Steadfast Recruits for Steadfast

As part of its current and future development, Steadfast looks for new employees who will actively contribute to the company’s expansion.

To join Steadfast means not only to build a group on a human scale. It also signifies sharing in a wonderful adventure whereby each person contributes to the organization’s performance. It means experiencing a feeling of belonging to the present, but above all to the future, because Steadfast, thanks to its ongoing desire to innovate and to move forward, is marching toward tomorrow.

If continuous improvement and innovation represent the backbone of Steadfast, its business culture and its values comprise its DNA. Join us!

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